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Collection: Wobbel

What is the best about this brand that the boards are created by parents! Wobbel founders Hannelore and Wouter created something really special. Wouter mentioned that the best thing was when he presented the first prototype to his daughter of 5, there was no explanation, no hints, no directions. Within ten minutes she invented twenty new ways to play with it, making a lounge chair of it with a blanket.

Everybody who sees or plays with the Wobbel is enthusiastic!

Sustainability is still at the core of the whole process. Their wood comes from strictly controlled plantations, where replanting is guaranteed. Beechwood comes from European FSC certified plantations. In addition, the wood bending plant is very efficient, where raw materials and waste are reduced to a minimum. For example, there is no gas usage. The residue timber is used for heating off the premises and the press dies.

The EKO wool felt is made from the best available natural felt from a local supplier. It is colored by nature.

The packaging is made entirely from recycled and recyclable cardboard and comes from a local supplier. The logo is applied with sustainable ink that does not interfere with the recycling process.

All Wobbels are manufactured in Europe and finished in the Netherlands. After quality control, they leave the workshop in Amersfoort.

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