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Hello Everyone!

We’re finally here and we couldn’t be more excited and happy about it. It’s been a long process and we are thrilled to begin the journey with you!

The whole idea of starting Tuli Kids has been growing for some time now. Having been commuting and working in London for quite some allowed me to see some things more clearly, especially after going back to work after maternity leave. Even though I liked what I did in London I still felt I was missing all these precious moments in our baby’s life. So then I started thinking…what could I do? Boom!! The idea of opening business came and I started putting things into motion. I think the plan was to have babies and kids at heart from the very beginning, even though I haven’t realized that then. And…here we are!

Another part, probably the most tricky one, was how to call it. One day, when sitting on a train to London it just came to me…so easy… Why Tuli? That’s also easy. Our daughter, whenever she feels like it, says ‘tuli-tuli’ which means hug or cuddle in the language we speak. Not only this name is all about her, her needs, best moments when we can be close together, but also about the history we can tell you about. This is why we didn’t have any doubts that this is it! Tuli Kids was born.

On the other hand, when started thinking about a business, we wanted to make sure that all of the products we have are of the highest quality, tested, made from natural materials, organic, sustainable, and also beautiful, functional and making your kid, and you too, smile.

With the environmental changes that are happening now, we want to make sure that we can do something for our planet. We really believe that every little thing we do can help!

We are aware that in many cases, it is hard to buy products without packaging - it’s an unescapable reality of the business and one which stands to leave the biggest ecological footprint.

Our delivery packaging is 100% recyclable - from the tissue paper, insert cards, biodegradable stickers to wrapping paper we use! When sourcing products we also try to get them from makers/suppliers who use minimal packaging, or the one that is widely recycled.

So yes…this is our little step in the process of making our planet a better place. A better place for our children!

We are happy to have you with us here with our Tuli family and hope you will join us on our journey! Let’s tuli-tuli! It’s fun!

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