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Things you don't know about Wobbel board

What does it do?

This is a question that I am being asked many times. You may wonder what is this about?

Well…This is about Wobbel board that we love so much.

For us there is no explanation needed but I understand why people would ask that question. At the end of the day we are talking about a piece of bended wood that is a massive hit among everyone who ever tried it even for a short while.

Let’s start from the beginning. Wobbel board is a wooden toy that is suitable for all ages (yes! I love ours and use it quite often) that is considered an open-ended toy. Open-ended? Yes, it’s all up to your imagination what you would like to do with it.

It is quite a stylish piece of wood, it develops balance and gross motor skills. It’s for:

  • play
  • imagination
  • creativity
  • practicality

We like use our board as a table, place to relax and read and exercise :) How about other ideas? It can be used as a swing, bridge, step and anything else you want. This is why love it.

What’s even better about the Wobbel brand that the boards are created by parents! The story how the prototype was made shows the whole logic and concept behind the board - it was shown to one of the founders 5 year old daughter - there was no explanation, no hints, no directions. Within ten minutes she invented twenty new ways to play with it, making a lounge chair of it with a blanket.

Everybody who sees or plays with the Wobbel is enthusiastic!

Sustainability is still at the core of the whole process. Their wood comes from strictly controlled plantations, where replanting is guaranteed. Beech wood comes from European FSC certified plantations. In addition, the wood bending plant is very efficient, where raw materials and waste are reduced to a minimum. For example, there is no gas usage. The residue timber is used for heating off the premises and the press dies.

The EKO wool felt is made from the best available natural felt from a local supplier. It is colored by nature.

Packaging is made entirely from recycled and recyclable cardboard and comes from a local supplier. The logo is applied with sustainable ink that does not interfere with the recycling process.

All Wobbels are manufactured in Europe and finished in the Netherlands. After quality control, they leave the workshop in Amersfoort.

Special gift for you :)

So if you’re still unsure what you or your kids can with the board, we have something special that should help with finding inspiration - 24 ideas of how to use Wobbel board, and they are all in a form of colouring cards! Download now here 

And one last thing…please share your ideas, show us the coloured cards, we’d love to see them all!

If you still haven't got the board, we still have plenty of them :) Check them out!

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