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The C word…and how we can keep our kids occupied

Oh wow!! What a turn of events. A month ago, we wouldn’t even think that the current situation may even happen. It is just something that we could see in movies, and it looks like we are characters in the global production that is called COVID-19! It is really scary when we can see what is happening around us.

However, we also have to think about the children we have in the house, and while I believe in telling Amelia a lot about what is happening (of course not telling her all the scary details) so she is aware, and can try to process the information that she is not going to the nursery and see her friends in person. This is why I try to find some positives in the whole situation and the one I can think of is that all of the three of us are together, we have fun, we laugh and are doing our best and trying our hardest to find activities for Amelia so she is not bored at home, but also so we can do work from home.

Sooo…if you’re looking for something to get the kids entertained, occupied and got their creativity in the making, we compiled the list of the best products that never fails (and all been tested by our ‘in-house’ tester, a.k.a. Amelia).

1. Flash Cards

Flash cards are always great! Whether you are homeschooling your children or just trying to be proactive with their education. There is a number of different flash cards available but our favorites are the ‘Day by Day Calendar’ ones. Why? They are brilliant to teach our kids days of the week, days of the months, months, different seasons or weather. Not only they are great when it comes to educating them, but they also can be used as a room decoration, not mentioning the way they are made!! It’s just pristine and the attention to detail is incredible, and the design! What else do you need?

The Jam Tart Day by Day Calendar Flash Cards

    2. Eat Sleep Doodle

    We have backpacks, placemats and pencil cases! We really can’t recommend them enough. In terms of kids being creative, this is really something that you can count on! Not only kids can create their own design, be original, but also can learn a lot of things about the world, butterflies or dinosaurs!

    The beauty of the products is that once they are done with their creations and want to try something new, they can be washed, and used again! Win-win!!

    Eat Sleep Doodle

      3. Crayons

      We use our Kitpas Crayons in the bath (Bath Crayons) and on windows and mirrors. These are coming handy, especially now, when the options for going out are limited. What we love about the crayons is they can be washed easily from all of the surfaces and the kids can start again! Plus, it gives us a chance to write each other notes every day with something special to show how much we care for each other. And hey…it’s also a great way to remind our partners about different things, not only shopping lists :)

        4. Role-Playing

        A great way to get kids to be involved in role-playing is to give them tools! Still, thinking about what you could use? Well…how about a camera and a mobile phone? They make sounds, they are very handy and would definitely get into the role of a photographer, or by calling their friends with their own mobile. This is what is happening here! Amelia loves playing with items that resemble the adult’s accessories! #letthemplay!

          5. Games

          Want to play? Let's go! 5 wooden crosses and 5 wooden circles with a bunny drawstring bag, turn the bag over to play Tic tac toe, or Noughts and Crosses depending on where you live!

          Let me tell you something, it is probably one of the games that keep Amelia occupied for more than 5 minutes and believe me when I tell you…this is a long time!

          Tender Leaf Toys Tic Tac Toe

            I hope that the list will inspire you and you find something you like! We have so much more to offer so please feel free to browse around and if you need any recommendation, advice, or just fancy a chat or sharing your experience with different toys and games, I am here to help and chat!

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