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Summer break

Summer holiday! Many of us have been waiting for them. Now, they are here and it's probably a different story. We're all living in strange times and even the summer holiday will look different. 

Many of us have been juggling so many different jobs for months now and it is hard! The last couple of months have been special on all fronts. As a family, we really tried to make the most of the time together. However, at the same time, we had to split time between childcare, work, home and to make sure we won't all go mad. 

Saying this, I decided to take some time off, and in turn, this also means that Tuli Kids will remain closed until September. It wasn't an easy decision but one that had to be made. With Amelia going to school in September and us not being able to go and visit our families when we wanted as it used to happen, there was no choice!

Even though the shop is now closed and we're having a break, I am still here, always happy to answer all your questions, make recommendations, or just chat if you want to :) 

This is also the time when I can focus on getting Tuli Kids where I want it to be, so it's not really a holiday but it is good to know that there are grandparents, siblings who can help without us asking for that help. I am planning to do a lot of planning, researching, and re-charging batteries so I am ready. I'll see you again in September and I am sure there will be a lot to talk about!


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