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Let's get personal!

Tuli Kids has launched not long ago and I told you a bit about what it’s all about. Great! But who is really behind Tuli Kids? :) I must say, it’s a family project with my face all over it! 

I start with myself…

My name is Anna, wife, mum, daughter, sister, aunt (God…my niece and nephew will be lol’ing now big time!), friend. I am probably many more. Curious? Let’s get personal then!

Fact no. 1: Love cooking!

OMG! Yes, I do, I do, I do! Cooking, baking (getting there slowly), tasting and testing (I need to, of course!), eating, and feeling guilty afterward that I ate so much!

Although the last couple of months haven’t been too adventurous in a kitchen for many reasons (first being “I need to try to eat healthier” and last one being “I don’t have enough time”). 

Fact no. 2: My family

Husband - Maciej, the rock, crazy about running (don’t ask…) 10K, half- or full-marathon - he’s there. Doing all the ‘techie’ stuff at work which I don’t understand most of the time even though we worked side by side for a number of years!

Daughter - Amelia, the reason Tuli Kids’ idea started growing in my head! She is the real force behind it and the fact that both of us want to spend as much of our time as possible and not being committed to 9-5 job. Full of energy every minute of her life (don’t know how she is able to do that!), chatterbox (some say it’s my fault), the best kid we could have ever dreamt of!

Parents - very different from each other, yet very similar :)

Sister - one and only! Older sister who always has my back, but doesn’t BS if she feels something has to be said! Her two kids, my niece and nephew - great kids! And yes, I mentioned they’ll be ‘lol-ing’ at the mention of ‘aunt’ in relation to them. You know why? This is the only way they can really annoy me when calling me ‘Auntie Anna’!! I’ve always been Anna and it stays like that, nothing is going to change here!! So Weronika and Michal - if you read this, don’t even think about it! :)

Fact no. 3: Love travelling!

Do I need to say anything more? I could travel all year long! The idea of exploring new places, culture, getting to know new people and do I have to add that? New food!! That is probably the best bit about traveling :) But hey, spending time with my family while travelling…nobody will take this away from you!

Fact no. 4: Did a sky-dive!

Would never expect that I do this!! And you know what triggered the whole decision? The fact that Maciej signed-up for the skydive while traveling in Australia and he would then talk about it, how great that was and I would not be able to say anything! So…I was jealous :P and decided to do it and you know what…that was the best decision I could make - something I would never forget about and definitely want to do it again!

Fact no. 5: Love skiing!

No comment needed! it’s a great sport and probably the only one that I don’t mind that every part of my body aches and carry on doing it with a smile on my face when freezing my bum’s off!

While writing this I started thinking about other things I like doing and there are a couple more of them but that’s enough for now! I need to keep the suspense going :) and hoping you will come back for more in the future! This is for now. Hope you enjoyed it! This is just the beginning of my exciting journey! 


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