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Happy Birthday to us! We are 3!

Where has the time flown!

It feels like just yesterday, we pressed the "Start" button and launched Tuli Kids. 

But how wrong can this be...3 amazing years, and all that wouldn't have happened if you weren't around. So I would like to say a massive "thank you" to each one of you who have supported us. It really means a lot!

The last 3 years felt like a and downs...going up to fall down and climb back up again. I guess it's been like that for many of us. 

When the whole idea of starting Tuli Kids started growing in my mind, nobody even thought that a pandemic will start and the whole world will go through a lockdown. But hey...! I would not change a bit of that journey. That's a fact. 

Back in the days when corporate life in London was calling, having been commuting on a daily basis for quite some time allowed me to see things more clearly, especially after going back to work after maternity leave. Don't get me wrong, I really like what I did in London I still felt I was missing all these precious moments in Amelia’s life. So then I started thinking…what could I do? Boom!! The idea of opening business came and I started putting things into motion. The plan was to have babies and kids at heart from the very beginning, even though I haven’t realized that then. So...I started thinking that I can actually have my own business!

"tuli-tuli" is the magic word

Another part, probably the most tricky one, was how to call it. One day, when sitting on a train to London it just came to me…so easy....that light bulb moment…  TULI KIDS!

Why Tuli? That’s also easy. Our daughter, whenever she feels like it, says ‘tuli-tuli’ (even now that she is almost 7!) which means hug or cuddle in the language we speak. Not only this name is all about her, her needs, best moments when we can be close together, but also about the history we can tell you about. This is why we didn’t have any doubts that this is it! Tuli Kids was born.

"Let's start a business, it will be fun" they said :)

On the other hand, when started thinking about a business, we wanted to make sure that all of the products we have are of the highest quality, tested, made from natural materials, organic, sustainable, and also beautiful, functional and making your kid, and you too, smile. We are also a massive fan of small businesses that are out there and always try to support them as much as we can. This is the reason you will find so many independent brands available on our website and we are really proud of it. That support was especially needed when pandemic hit and boy we felt that!

That time at Tuli Kids HQ was one of the busiest times we can remember. However, It was really difficult to juggle all the responsibilities...running an online shop, looking after a 4 year old that demanded attention and was constantly hungry! Our shopping bill back then was enormous thanks to our little Amelia monster :P On top if it all, I also did some freelancing!

Looking back at that time now, all that happened, and how we had to make it work so our house could operate as normally as possible, it was a time that we enjoyed the most. Being together, the three of us, helped us to understand what really matters in life and we can make it a better place. 

So now comes another aspect of the business idea. With all of the the environmental changes that have been happening for some time, we want to make sure that we can do something for our planet. We really believe that every little thing we do can help!

We are aware that in many cases, it is hard to buy products without packaging - it’s an unescapable reality of the business and one which stands to leave the biggest ecological footprint. Sooo...what could be done about it? 

Our delivery packaging is 100% recyclable - from the tissue paper, insert cards, biodegradable stickers to wrapping paper we use! When sourcing products we also try to get them from makers/suppliers who use minimal packaging, or the one that is widely recycled. When ordering from us, you will likely see some boxes that are not always perfect and this is because we re-use any box, envelope, etc. that we can and giving them a bit more life. 

So yes…this is our little step in the process of making our planet a better place. A better place for our children!

We are happy to have you with us here with our Tuli family and hope you will join us and continue our journey! Let’s tuli-tuli! It’s fun!

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