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7 movies to watch with kids at home and have fun

✅  Popcorn

✅  Sofa 

✅  Cozy blanket

What does this mean? Home cinema time!

This is our routine on Saturday or Sunday afternoon - Family time when we don’t have to do anything, just relax and enjoy the movie.

However, before the relaxing time happens there is a heated discussion which movies should we watch that day Frozen or Moana? I am not going to even go into the fact that both of them have been watched multiple times - by that I mean in double digits, each!

Once that battle ends and we manage to convince the youngest member of the family that now it’s the right time to watch something new, the choices can be overwhelming. So, we decided to make a list of 7 movies that we love watching. 

This list is really subjective, reflects what we like to watch and in no particular order. We would be really happy to hear what your suggestions are. We’d love to expand the list and include more and more. 

1. The Lion King

The original Lion King. It’s the first proper movie that I went to the cinema for. I remember this as it was yesterday. I don’t there is anyone I know that doesn’t recognise Simba, the lion cub, or the Scar, or Pumba and Timbo and their massive hit of a song Hakuna matata! It’s a one of a kind and probably one of those movies that you don’t have to advertise as everybody knows it. I haven’t watched the most recent one though but the good old version is the one I am sticking to at the moment.  



Photo: Courtesy Disney

2. Frozen (1 & 2) 

Another epic one. Pre-kids I couldn’t stand this one (Ha, I only watched it at the end of 2019!), whenever “Let it go” was played I cringed, I said that my kid will not be into Frozen, never ever! And here we are! Not only I watched all of the Frozen movies, know all of the songs by heart…but I actually enjoy it and changed my opinion about this one completely. It’s really interesting how perspective can change and a character such as Elsa and Anna can show you a different view on friendship, sisterhood and power of love. But to be really honest, I watch it only because of the Olaf, the Snowman! 

3. Finding Nemo

Oh! It’s the one movie I watched the most before having Amelia. However, if you asked me why it would be a long pause. Why then? Well, it’s under the sea, all the little creatures and underwater reef is animated so beautifully, but most of all is the persistence of both Nemo and his dad. And we cannot forget Dory! Her “just keep swimming” is one of my affirmations. 

It is definitely one of the movies that you need to watch regardless of the age. 


Inside Out

Photo: Courtesy Disney/Pixar

4. Inside Out

When I watched Inside Out for the first time I fell in love with the movie straight away. However, it was more about the animation, then the storyline came and as I was going along I was getting really emotional. It’s really interesting how movies like this make me weepy, it’s like opening the flood gate - can’t stop. However, the concept of all the emotions in our minds being so real, and triggered by so many different factors, events and people is quite unreal. It

5. Moana

Do I need to say anything? Don’t think so. The whole story about Moana discovering herself, finding her own strength against all odds is really inspiring. Knowing that you can do anything you want is what we teach our kids. What is also quite pleasant about this move are the songs. you can’t help it and you just sing-along. I do that with Amelia and I feel like a kid again! You’re welcome!

6. Cars (1, 2, & 3) 

This is the series that I won’t be able to pick the favourite part of. Each one is fun and different, enjoyable. Lightning McQueen living the fast line and slowly discovering there is something more to life than he thought before. Mater the Tow Car is our favourite with his simple view on friendship is something that we believe in as well. 


Despicable Me

Photo: Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment

7. Despicable Me

Minions here, minions there, minions everywhere. I just love how Gru changes from the supervillain he is to this warm and caring father for his three adopted girls. And let’s not forget about Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy” that is so catchy that you carry on signing it long after finishing the movie. 

All of the above movies are PG Rated. 

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