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10 Essentials To Pack For A Summer or School Trip

We all know that packing for school trips is always a challenge! Blink twice if you’re in the group! I am definitely in it. 

So, if you suffer from “packing-panic” syndrome - don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here, you’ll find a handy list to make sure your children are covered not only when you going for a family trip to the park, woods, you name it, or if this is for a school trip - all essentials are put together. 

Of course, the items you pack will depend on the destination, weather and activities you and your children will be involved. This packing list has been created with a summer outings and school trips in mind, but I am sure you’ll find it useful for a trip in the spring, autumn or early winter. Let’s go on trip then! And start packing…Ready…steady…go

1. Backpack & water bottle

It’s worth having a light and comfy backpack in mind for kids. This way, they will not feel it’s another accessory they “have to carry on their backs”.  Just make sure that the straps are adjusted so children feel comfortable. Saying this, you can try and see one of the backpacks that we have on offer:


Fabelab Backpack
Eat Sleep Doodle Backpack


Doodle Backpack and Fabelab Animal Stringbag 

Doodle Backpack is not only handy but also fun as kids can colour them on their own so the design is truly unique. While Animal Stringbag from Fabelab is very quirky and comes in two designs so they can choose if they’d rather be Pirate Bunny or Bear Team.

Hydration is also a key so don’t forget about re-usable water bottle. 

Blafre steel bottles come handy and they are wide enough to add some extra ice cubes in it when the weather is hot. 




2. Waterproofs

A suitable clothing is quite high on the list. Make sure your children stay warm and dry whatever the weather. A waterproof jacket and trousers can be a lifesaver. We are fully aware how funny the weather can be even in the summer. Well, the joys of of British weather, huh.

3. Comfortable shoes

A pair of comfortable trainers or walking shoes is a must. No one likes the blisters and children are famous for doing long walks! How they find the energy to do so always amazes me!

4. Wellies

This is something that is one of the essentials not only in children’s wardrobe. Nothing beats “good Ol’ wellies. The best protection against big wet puddles and muddy yomps but they also have the benefit of no laces or velcro so can be easily slipped on and off feet when needed. 

5. Sunscreen

Vitamin D is really important for all of us as is the high factor sun lotion. Yes, if they go on the school trip you can’t guarantee they will pop some sunscreen on before taking part in the outdoor activities but at least they have a choice :)

What we found very handy is Solar Buddies screen applicator. My girl loves it and because she can apply the cream herself she is really keen on doing so. Try them out:

6. Sun hat & sunglasses

Pack a protective sun hat and pair of fun sunglasses for extra sun protection because you never know what British summer may look like :) Full of surprises, as always. 

7. Suitable clothing

Loads of layers! God…I really thought that these times are over but how wrong was I. Layers are good, the more the better as this way you’re less likely to be surprised by the changing weather when the kids are out. A T-shirt, a long-sleeve top, a light jumper or a waterproof jacket are very high on our list. 

You can try new arrivals from Boss Babs and their lovely T-shirts and sweatshirts, plus many more. 

8. Toiletries

If needed and when the kids are going for a longer trip a little bag with soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste can be packed too. It’s good to make sure that all of them are in small bottles so they’re not too heavy. Plus…a ver well known and used hand sanitiser can be packed too! Clean hands are important. 

9. Healthy snacks

Healthy snacks such as nuts, dried fruits, fruits or oat bars are a perfect alternative to crisps and cookies. If you think about where to put all of them, we have a very cute Fox Snack Box that kids open really easily and a 3-compartment lunch box that can fit a selection of snacks too.




10. Something to keep them busy

A book, a magazine, a notepad and pencils or a colouring book will make a long (and boring) coach or train easier and will keep your children occupied. We have a brilliant selection of books, colouring books and pencils too so why not browse around! 


And lastly, if you have some brilliant packing tips or would like to share your ultimate packing checklist, please share them with us on our social media.

We’re always happy to see what others are coming up with. 


  • I want 1 day bag pack for school to delhi without clothes

  • For beach trips don’t forget sandals. Your littles will wanna go in that sea but they will most likely stand on a shell. You don’t wanna let them hurt their feet so if they have crocs or a slider on that will dry out with just a shake.


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