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Must have sensory toys for little people's development

We know how difficult and challenging the first weeks, months and years of our children's lives can be. Parents are bombarded with so much information about what they should/shouldn't do, and so on. It's overwhelming and can only make things worse.

This is definitely not what we want for anyone. Sensory toys can be fun, educational, stimulating and affordable and this is what we would like to show you in Friday Faves this week.

What are sensory toys?

This is a valid question and in general these are the toys which function is to stimulate a child's five senses:

  • sight
  • sound
  • touch,
  • smell
  • taste.

Very often they include bright, contrasting colors, sounds, or different textures. They are all designed and made for our children to develop their senses in a safe and natural environment while they play - the best concept ever - learning through playing! Double win, isn't! 

Babies' brains are amazing and as parents we try to make sure they have everything they need to grow, to stimulate their senses. It's quite mind blowing knowing  that in the first months of their lives two million neural connections are created in their brain every second! Yes! 

Here, we can show you options to help with the sensory side of baby's development that are fun, functional, eye-catching and stimulating. 

Rattles and Teething Toys

Rattles and teething toys are perfect for babies and their little fingers - easy to hold, eye-catching, scratchy sounds, different textures or shapes - like double sided Starfish Rattle or Rainbow Teething Ring.

Wooden Sensory Toys

How about puzzles that kids can discover new shapes in a form of animals and textures? Or visual sensory tray to show the world in a different way and helps to develop hand to eye coordination and manual dexterity.

These wooden sensory toys are perfect for toddlers to get their imagination running wild. 

Soft and fabric toys and accessories

Books are always good :) It's never too early to introduce books to our babies. Fabelab’s Small Adventures Fabric Book can become your baby's first book, made from 100% organic cotton with 6 colourful, eye-catching and soft squeezable pages, with lovely pastel colours and crackling paper. 


Animal cuddle toys are another example of a toy that will entertain little people but also be a comforter that they need as well.

There is so much more to the sensory toys topic and we hope you'll find this helpful. 

You can also try to check Teething Toys collection as well the entire Sensory Range.

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