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How to engage your kids for more than 5 minutes: Stickers, cards, posters, and even more stickers

We all know how difficult getting kids occupied or engaged into something for more than 5 minutes is. Their attention span doesn’t allow for things or activities that are too complicated most of the time.

We have a little impatient lady who cannot sit still for more than 5 minutes. Well…situation is changing when stickers come to play.

Yes, yes, I hear you…stickers, stuck everywhere and on everything, hard to peel off, generally not worth it. Well, well, well…You can imagine my surprised face when I get Poppik stickers cards and posters to my 5 year old! I actually checked my watch to see if I wasn’t mistaken but no! Non-stop, non-interrupted play, a kid so focused on what she was doing that didn’t notice anything that was happening around her for a full 30 minutes!

Poppik Stickers


What is so special about these stickers? Kids can stick them to cards according to their shapes and colours. It's a great way for them to learn and not having that feeling of learning - it's a pure play, but with shapes and colours. Development of fine motor skills is taking place too - little fingers need to be precise when placing stickers in the correct place.

There are different themes so everyone will find something interesting for them. Imagine what can be done with 360 stickers or over 700 when choosing the Mosaic Stickers!! It’s quite fun for kids to complete each card so they form a lovely picture (this can be easily used as a room decoration). And one of the biggest advantages of those stickers are that they can be removed, in case there are any mistakes, and kids can stick them again!

Poppik Stickers



About Poppik

Poppik was created in 2016 by Delphine Badreddine and Françoise Baglin who had the idea to develop stickers activities in giant posters. As soon as you open your Poppik and unfold the poster, the whole family begins to stick little colorful stickers. The Poppik Sticker Art is the art to create beautiful pictures with hundreds of stickers. It is a mosaic to complete with stickers and you can put colorful stickers on a grid, following a numbered code. Little by little, a large image appears. The result is amazing, but it is very easy. This is the secret of Poppik success.

Something for the weekend…

And because it’s the last weekend before kids go back to school, we are going to make something special…it’s a really quick recipe, and you only need 3 ingredients! S’mores Dip!

It’s not something I will usually go for but it’s a special time so why not :)

Check this one out and if you happen to make one, make sure you share it with us!

S'Mores Dip by Taming Twins