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All you need to pack the essentials for a day out

This week it’s all about backpacks and bags! With the Spring and Summer coming soon (well, we can all agree that we need more sun these days), we will be going out more either it’s a picnic or a walk, all the food for our little people as they are constantly hungry, or clothes to change when they got into a muddle puddle or water splashing went too far (is that even a thing?).

Whether you are after a bigger backpack or a bag for a little lady, we’ve got this!

Backpack is good for everything!

Fan of animals? Yay, we are too. Are you going to be Pirate Bunny or Bear Team?

Both of them are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

Or would you prefer a Doodle backpack from Eat Sleep Doodle? This fun colour-in backpack makes one of the best book bags for kids and is equally great for their swimming or gym kit! Kids can draw and design their own bag, or they can discover the world with the enclosed set of ten wash-out fabric pens. Guess what! You can wash it and start all over again!

Eat Sleep Doodel Backpack

It's fun to colour this one in so check it out how we do it :) Watch it here.

Handbag is a girl’s best friend

This is every girl's dream! Everybody knows that girls, small or big ones, love bags. This one is no different and the perfect accessory to keep all the valuable things to carry around.

If you like this one, you will love Fabelab Cute Bunny Coin Pouch or Pocket Fairy Friend  - they will fit perfectly!

Now you are all set and ready to go!